Ashley Duguay (2)

The Fundy Female Hockey Association are very happy to be working with Ashley Duguay, Mental Performance Consultant at Team First Consulting.

Ashley Duguay holds a PhD from the University of Windsor (Kinesiology - Sport and Exercise Psychology). She has also earned an MHK (Sport and Exercise Psychology) from the University of Windsor and an MEd (Sport Leadership) from the Center for Sport Leadership at Virginia Commonwealth University. Ashley works as a Mental Performance Consultant (MPC) and is a Professional Member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association.

As an MPC, she seeks to facilitate the development of mental performance skills, attitudes, qualities, processes, and perspectives to enhance her clients' (e.g., athletes, teams, coaches, sport organizations) mental performance while helping them achieve positive personal development and performance improvement.

Ashley is a trained Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement (MSPE) instructor. In addition to her role as an MPC, Ashley also works as an adjunct instructor with the Center for Sport Leadership at Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Western States (Sport and Performance Psychology Programs). She currently teaches graduate classes in sport psychology, team dynamics in sport, and positive leadership (in sport and business).