WHERE are our teams playing and WHO are they playing?

RECREATION TEAMS (formerly known as ‘house’)

FFHA Recreation Teams will participate in the NB Provincial League. Teams will play female teams in their same division (U11A plays
vs U11A, U13A plays vs U13A etc).

COMPETITIVE TEAMS, U11AA, U13AA, U15AA (formerly known as ‘rep’)

FFHA Competitive teams will be playing in the Southern NB Minor Hockey League (SNBMHL), in the COED division.

How will the Provincial League be set up?

RECREATION TEAMS (formerly known as ‘house’)

The province will be zoned by East and West. FFHA falls under the Western zone. West consists of FFHA, Central Female
(Fredericton area) and Western Valley Female (U13A team only). Eastern zone consists of SEFA A&B (Moncton &
Dieppe/Memramcook, West Kent Female (Shediac & surrounding area) and Miramichi.

COMPETITIVE TEAMS, U11AA, U13AA, U15AA (formerly known as ‘rep’)

- U11AA female plays vs U11C Coed (rec)
- U13AA Female plays vs U13A Coed (comp)
- U15AA plays vs TBD (based on evaluated skillset during tryouts)

How much travel will teams face?

RECREATION TEAMS (formerly known as ‘house’)

Joining the Provincial League does NOT mean you will face extensive travel, or even more travel than in the past. The bulk of the
play will be vs FFHA, the next will encompass play vs Central and Western Valley. The idea is to limit travel as much as possible.

COMPETITIVE TEAMS, U11AA, U13AA, U15AA (formerly known as ‘rep’)

Your teams will not face anymore travel then U11 + teams have faced in the past. Like coed, teams will be seeded / split at end of 1st
half. Teams will be tiered based on rankings (top tier, middle tier, lower tier) at the discretion of SNBMHL.

Will the Western zone ever play vs Eastern Zone?

Yes, we are hoping to host the Eastern zone ONE or TWO days a season and travel to the Eastern zone ONE or TWO days a season.

What happens if teams are unable to travel / play out of our own zone due to Covid restrictions?

FFHA has a contingency plan in place which will allow teams to play vs other teams in our own zone, IF we are limited to zone play
only, due to Covid restrictions.

What's is the refund policy?

General Refunds

- Refunds will NOT be issued once a player has been assigned to a team. Assignment to a team is identified as an
announcement by any means that a player has been assigned to a team within Fundy Female Hockey Association.

Possible methods of announcement can include, but is not exclusive to, posting a team list to an official Fundy
Female website, social media page, or an affiliated electronic medium, posting to a roster, call from a team coach
or team manager or any other authorized member of the association advising of team placement

Exception Request

- A request to an exception of the General Refund policy should be made in a timely fashion in writing to the board of
directors of Fundy Female Hockey Association Examples of exceptions that will be considered include,
but are not limited too;
o Moving outside the Fundy Female Hockey Association Region
o Medical considerations